Hey everyone! This weekend, I spent time getting trained on transcendental meditation.  I’ve been a wannabe meditator for a very long time, over 2 decades!  While it’s significantly impacted my life, the recent pandemic forced me to reflect on what’s working, what’s not, and how I’d like to do things differently. Basically, I pondered about how I could revolt against the status quo.

Insanity is really doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.  So to say I’m controlling my stress is a lie . With my kids at home, navigating the next steps with my business, leading the team and creating various programs, I’ve been super hard on myself.

I know I’m at my capacity for productivity. So, I knew that I needed the next steps to evolve as a mom, CEO and a health care practitioner.  I sought out ways to think differently. With the right serendipitous mentors, books and law of attraction, timing worked out to get trained on transcendental meditation.

It’s quite a formalized process to learn this technique.  While I’ve tried different meditation apps, Kundalini Yoga and Yoga Nidra, this practice is what’s resonating with me the most.  Perhaps it’s the simplicity of the practice that draws you inward to yourself.  

As all of you know, I believe healing is an inside job. Yoga is the ultimate “union” and “integration” that brings all the tactics we learn together seamlessly.  I truly believe that if each and every one of you anchors and aligns yourself to your core values and mission in life, this world would be a much better place full of love, compassion and joy.

I want to talk to you today about revolting against the status quo and creating a better future.

Sprouting Up

We are all products of institutions, which means that we were taught how and what to think our entire lives.  This is the very thing we must be aware of and find our own unique truths through the self-healing process that starts with self-awareness and exploration.

We live by default of what we believe to be true, but we never really pull out of our lives long enough to explore our very belief systems. Belief systems are like the roots of a tree.  The soil that creates the environment for our roots are the socioeconomic factors that shape our roots.  We don’t ever think that we can uproot ourselves from the anchors.  If the very soil we’re rooted in no longer serves us, then we have the power to uproot and plant ourselves in new soil.

But for new identities and beliefs to sprout up, it takes time. We need to be nurtured in faith that we will sprout and grow stronger and healthier than before.  But because we have no tangible evidence to believe this, we often don’t even try.

So that’s what I want to challenge each and every one of you today. Choose to revolt against the status quo.

Changing the Systems

We are limited by our incapacity to think beyond what we can see, we adapt to what is and accept status quo.  To do something shakes up our very foundation.  It can feel impossible, so we subconsciously talk ourselves out of it until we “see” those few iconoclasts who are redefining the ways.

If you’re honest with yourself right now, just about every industry sees the shift.  Gone are the ways of the past, we all see the need to adapt to the new.  But we do so when the circumstances make it impossible, not so the change is really from a place of reaction.

How about if I told you that we are currently living through a clean slate.  All norms, principles, beliefs, foundations are shaken up to the core.  To do what’s “normal” and expected will only provide us to incremental growth if at all. But if we truly reflect on the “ways” of the world, the medical system, school system, the political system, we realize that things have to change.  

We can’t rely on the authorities to keep making decisions that are highly motivated by biased agendas for financial gain.  It’s a morally unjust system.

In healthcare, we know that the executives of the insurance companies dictate how the doctors should serve the patients.  It’s driven by the money. In school systems, teachers are extremely underpaid, and the quality of education can use a drastic improvement. As for the politics, its best not to talk about it.

So recognizing the need for improvement is one thing. But not many step up to actually do something because we have limits in our beliefs systems that tend to keep us where we are simply because we’ve adapted to the status quo.

How to Be Apart of the Change

Coming back to the uprooting and the need for the big change that is being recognized in all the industries, I strongly believe time is now to cast a vision forward and determine what you want to do. Stay the same and adapt to the reactive ways of the world? Or dare to revolt against the status quo to proactively create a better future?

I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of many industries and get the exposure to think deeply about change. From Psychology, Nutrition, Public Health, Physical Therapy, Yoga, Pilates and Functional Medicine, I see the limits of each profession, especially when the professionals are short-sighted and stay linear in each field.  

For example, in the field of nutrition, we speak about the nutrition in foods, and then the interaction of foods that are healthy for human physiology.  Then there’s the medical nutrition therapy, which is serving foods through tubes or calculating the specific macro and micronutrients.  As a Registered Dietitians, what we do and how we do what we do is in large part dictated by the medical system.  

We provide diets to certain disease population, but the medical system does not “pay” for nutritional counseling unless they are diseased.  So there is another emerging field, a nutritionist who is not licensed. They get to do whatever it is they do without the scope of practice limitations set by the medical system. This scope is used to provide us with the job security and the presumed prestige. But with the internet changing the way we do things, it’s much better think about better ways to deliver your knowledge in a applicable way as to change the behaviors of those who we serve.

Daring to be Different

So knowledge is good, but applied knowledge is better.  But for all of you reading, I’m asking you to go further to embody the knowledge and be the change you’d like to see. How can you revolt against the status quo?

It all sounds good, but it’s hard work. I’m afraid not many people are willing to risk themselves and hold the “it’s hard, impossible and can’t” mindsets that keep us perpetuating the problem. To me, this is becoming increasingly unacceptable.

So how do you revolt against the status quo?

1. Question the very premise of each discipline.  Is it the best way to get the outcome for those you serve?  
2. Create a better strategy vs repeating the “tactics” you learned.
3. Deploy a better way by integrating the different disciplines that makes the person whole.
4. We are all in healthcare.  We are in the business of empowering our clients to create a healthcare system within themselves.
5.  We “show” them:  movement is medicine, food is medicine and mindfulness is medicine.

Introducing Yoga as Union

Yoga is the “union” truly integrating element in healthcare, which can have a psychological, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual impact in the lives that we serve. As such a proudly important practice, we need to level up the education.  We need education that is able to connect the dots. And we need education that will provide practitioners how to “serve” their “clients” better.

This is all for the ultimate outcome of creating a healthcare system within.

We must start with defining our patients for those of us in clinical practice. And we must define students for those of you who are Yoga teachers. Finally, we must define customers for those of you in business. We must also adapt a new identity and choose to get deeper by becoming aware, anchoring and aligning with our true core values. This way, we can become a new version of ourselves.

I believe in redefining who we are and understanding who our clients are the first place to start.  A practitioner by definition actively engages in an art, discipline or profession. Adapting the mindset of a practitioner allows you to expand your mind beyond your chosen field to best serve your clients.

A client as defined by my business mentor, Jay Abraham,  is a person in the care of a trusted advisor invested in their well-being for life.  He advises that it’s our moral obligation to serve our clients with utmost respect, care, and build a trusting relationship for life.  

The Journey to Health

Health is a journey, not a destination.  Our clients need our expertise for life. So if you’ve been someone whose doing the job of a Doctor, PT, Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher by doing what they expect as a customer, you’ve got to rethink the value you are providing for them.

I want you to think about becoming the only choice when it comes to the clients’s health. You are only trusted advisor who looks out for their best interest and can effectively lead them in that direction. In order to be that trusted advisor, you must elevate your thinking, redefine your identity and get anchored and aligned with your true core values. Then, you can seek to fulfill that moral obligation for your clients.

Everything will become so much more clearer. Avoid getting lost in the status quo tactics of the world and begin thinking differently. Many people are not willing to risk themselves for the fear of failure, judgment and hard work.

Are you willing to stand apart and revolt against the status quo and begin to truly serve your clients?  

Then sign up for our FREE Livenar where I teach you the functional breakthrough formula to implement the revolutionary functional strategy.

It’s time to stand up for what you believe and start to do something about it.  Your life and career will be so much more meaningful. You’ll be able to carry out your life with clarity, meaning and purpose.

Thanks for joining me, and see you all soon.  

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