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  • Functional medicine

​Toxins are in everything that we touch, breathe, eat, and think.  Toxins cause inflammation and over time degrades our gut lining...weakens our immune response almost to a point of disruption turning autoimmune...YIKES!  

Solution?  The Alkaline Detox Protocol Online Program

It's all about health from inside out, get ready to lose weight...mostly FAT, increase lean muscle, have abundant energy, get ready to glow and feel your very best. We've made the process super easy, step by step, so that you are coached through the process. 

​Prices include your supplement, it's a one time investment that will give your life back!  

Alkaline Programs

The secret to health is to "detoxify" the toxins then "replenish" the nutrients so your body will regenerate.  Based on your health history, we tailor the programs precisely for you.  We do a DEEP DIVE and get to the root issue to help you increase your energy, feel great, and at the same enjoy a noticeable fat loss and an in increase in lean muscle mass.

Weight Loss


Perfect for those "struggling to lose weight".

  • 2 Comprehensive calls with  an Alkaline Wellness Advisor
  • Bio impedence analysis
  • Complete Detox Guide
  • Detox Supplements Level I (cost of supplements included.)
  • Supplement Guide
  • Recipe Guide
  • Jump Start Guide
  • Fat Burn Exercise Video
  • Private Level 1 Facebook Group
  • Email Support




Perfect for those who just don't "feel right", fatigued, foggy brain, digestive issues, stressed.

  • 2 Comprehensive Visits with Dr. Connie
  • Bio impedence Analysis
  • Complete Detox Guide
  • Detox Supplements Level 2  (cost of supplements included)
  • Supplement Guide
  • Recipe Guide
  • Jump Start Guide
  • Sympton Specific Exercise Guide
  • Private Level 2 Facebook Group
  • Email Support




Perfect for those with disease conditions who want an alternative SOLUTION for issues such as:

Autoimmune, Diabetes, Cancer, Digestive, PCOS, Endometriosis, Fertility, and much more.

  • 2 Comprehensive Functional Assessments with Dr. Connie
  • Bio Impedence Analysis
  • Complete Detox Guide
  • Detox Supplements Level 3  (cost of supplements included)
  • Supplement Guide
  • Recipe Guide
  • Symptom Specific Exercise Prescription
  • Private Level 3 Facebook Group
  • Jump Start Guide
  • Email Support
  • Phone Support


  • 30% Deposit Required
  • Processing Fee = ​10% of remaining balance for 3 months
  • Call us at (678) 335-5566 to set up your payment plan.

Out of Town?  We can HELP! 

We offer virtual appointments via SKYPE.