Sierra Annastasia is an online presence strategist who helps small business owners reach their business goals through web design + development, brand identity design, digital marketing solutions, content strategy, business strategy, and long-term support. 

She knows that no single approach to online presence strategy is right for every small business, so she works closely with each small business to identify their core goals and create a custom solution.


Hello, I’m Sierra Annastasia!

I love everything to do with business strategy, design (mostly web design 😉), and helping small business owners who are amazing at what they do (like Dr. Connie and her team)!


Need someone who can take your business goals and turn them into a website that converts visitors into paying, loyal customers? Visit my website to see how I can help you! 


I have 7+ years of experience in web design and business strategy. It may be hard to believe that, but I started my first business at 14 years old (and have started many others after that), and these were things I had to learn for my businesses to thrive! 


I noticed that the most important things that were helping my businesses to grow or causing them to fail were things that other small business owners found confusing or had never even heard of! That’s why I started my consulting business: to help small business owners dominate their niche with their online presence!

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