When I began practicing Yoga over 25 years ago, I did so with a DVD of Kathy Smith and Rod Stryker.  Internet was not a thing back then. So, if I wanted to practice, I had to turn to my DVD selection.  There were limited options to practice Yoga in a studio because it was before Yoga exploded in the market. Fast forward to today, we have watered down Yoga to a physical contortion practice as an increasing number of Yoga influencers are busy demonstrating their ability to create certain shapes with their bodies.

Add the post-COVID world, more Yogis have jumped into the already saturated market to showcase their personal practice and brand.  With such a low barrier to entry, consumers have tons of choices but are left with substandard, mediocre teachers doing and teaching what everyone else is doing.  

Yoga, Not as it Should Be

As I witness what’s going on, Yoga has become all about stretching your body to its limits.  As a physical therapist, I understand that there’s no upside to the body contortions.  Our bodies are designed to move functionally. While the elite athletes among us can perform at a super human level, most of us need to think about the longevity and health of our body.

Thrusting ourselves into postures repeatedly because that’s what’s demonstrated by the social media Yogis should be a huge warning sign that Yoga is misrepresented as a practice to get more flexible in the most inhumane way.  

Yogis have more time and access to the internet in these current events. So, many Yoga teachers are flooding the internet to offer their services. Is there a huge opportunity in the market?  Yes!  But if you are thinking that you can join the “me too” movement of Yoga teachers trying to get their market share, you’ll quickly realize there’s no longevity in such a business model.  

In order to win in this competitive marketplace, having a strong conviction for your business is the only way to create serious impact.  Yoga teachers are leaders.  This is a serious responsibility that many Yogis fail to take seriously. If you are a Yoga teacher, you must differentiate yourself by establishing yourself as a true healing practitioner. You must begin standing for something greater in Yoga.

Growing “Styles” of Yoga

I’ve learned from the best in the world.  It’s easy to get lost in the esoteric practices of Yoga.  There are growing number of “styles” of yoga.  While some are traditional, many are created by innovative Yogis.

The traditional practices of Yoga evolved to suit the needs of Yogis today.  While some are trying to keep to the traditions, many are innovating new ways to practice.  I personally believe innovation and evolution is a necessary part of human experience.  It’s what allows for growth.

The more I dove into the practice of Yoga, the more I became lost.  When I tried to tie the different practices together, I felt fragmented both in my personal practice and as a teacher. For example, when practicing Kundalini, there are clear guidelines for what you can do.  The same is true in Yoga Nidra.

Many of you reading this may not even know what such practices are.  I have witnessed many Yoga teachers superficially learning something on YouTube for a few hours and teaching it in their classes.   While it may work for the physical practice of Yoga, its not recommended for deep, inner practices such as Kundalini and Nidra. There’s a lot of ego in the Yoga industry. I find the more we can detach from our egos, the more we can retain the practice as the sacred healing practice that takes a lifetime commitment than something to achieve.

Succeeding in the Competitive Marketplace

My business coach teaches me that standing for something even when it’s an unpopular opinion in your marketplace is everything.  This triggers me to think about the long game in the practice of Yoga.  We practice Yoga for longevity and health. It is not a “quick fix.” Shortcuts and easy win practices in Yoga won’t last.  As Yoga practitioners, we must aim for mind body mastery.

Many of you know that at your core, you have a strong conviction for something that you have yet to manifest. We learn to fit in instead of standing for something we believe in. I can tell you from over two decades of being a mentor and teacher to students and employees that there are those who are willing to commit to the hard work and there are those who want the easy, superficial fix.  In order to create work that matters and have a lasting impact doing what you love, you must anchor and align yourself to embody the true core essence of who you are.  

Here’s What I See in the Yoga Market: 

-An increasing number of people are needing both physical, mental, emotional recovery and healing.
-Online Yoga Certifications are flooding the market driving prices down.
-To begin as an online Yoga teacher, there is a low barrier to entry, which is driving prices and quality of the practice down.
-“Me too” marketing in Yoga
-Lack of serious practitioners of Yoga who are responsible and knowledgeable in their personal practice as well as in didactic skills

We have a crazy online space that we must navigate, do you want to add to the noise? Or do you want to elevate and truly do the work that matters?

Standing for Something Greater in Yoga

I am calling those who want to stand for something greater in Yoga.  As Helen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”  

I want those who are willing to commit to the long game of building a sustainable business, health and life as a Yogi who embodies compassion, wisdom and humility to make a positive impact in the world. In our fast-changing world, it can be so tempting to join the masses, but if your heart has been nudging you, and you’ve felt a calling for a long time, now is the time to choose yourself.  

Let’s create a movement that’s bigger than any one of us to become the solution in this marketplace rather than adding to the problem.  

I’m calling on those of you who deeply understand that there’s a higher purpose for you. And I’m calling on those who are tired of tactics that change day to day and would like an in-depth understanding of the principles that will anchor you in the right place so that you can flourish as the best version of yourself.  Only then can you join the movement of committed Yogis who are in in for the long haul.  

Yoga as a Lifelong Journey

Yoga is not meant to be a quick fix; it’s meant to be a lifelong self-healing journey for longevity and health.  Rather than trying ineffective programs or trainings that are abundant, let’s dare to make a difference. Let’s begin standing for something greater in Yoga.

Yoga training is not a short term retreat.  It’s a commitment to lifelong learning and exploration in yourself as well as the practice to constantly evolve and grow.  So if you are finally tired of dating all the frogs and are ready to find your ultimate prince, sign up for our five-day intensive Yoga Mastery Workshop from July 27-31 at 12 p.m. EST.

I promise you the Alkaline Method ™ difference where we stand for quality, knowledge and commitment to our self healing journey and spread the healing to the world.   People are tired of the quick fix, superficial solutions.  They are finally realizing that there’s a better way.  

Let’s be the center place in the midst of a whirlwind of mediocre Yoga teachers and practices that are swarming the market place. I’ll share the once in a lifetime opportunity to pivot your lives in a drastic way.  Remember, cream of the crop always rises to the top.  In order to win in today’s market,  you must stand for something.

I invite you to the workshop for applicable knowledge that will shift your mindset in ways you never imagined. You’ll be invited to the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to represent the Alkaline Method ™ brand and be part of the movement.  Let’s begin standing for something greater in the practice of Yoga.

See you all there.  

And, join our Facebook Group, the Tribe of Alkaline Method Yogis, filled with a community of passionate yogis who are standing for something greater in Yoga.

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