It seems when we are having a tough day, we crave more for pastry rather than a piece of fruit.

A Swiss study suggests people cannot resist tasty, unhealthy foods when they’re under stress. Using food as a pick me up or to celebrate from time to time isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But when emotional eating becomes your coping mechanism whenever you’re stressed, angry, upset, or bored, you get  into an unhealthy cycle where the real issue is never addressed.

Ever notice how stress makes you reach out for your favorite sugary treat? It’s not just in your mind. Your cortisol levels go up and trigger food cravings, giving you a burst of pleasure. The more you let stress define you, the more likely you are to turn to food for comfort.

The good news is that you can fight food cravings and satisfy your needs with mindful eating. Identify your emotional eating triggers and find other ways to feed your feelings.

  • If you’re lonely, call someone you trust and who always makes you feel better or play with your dog or cat.
  • If you’re anxious, think of happy moments or look into a favorite photo. Dance to your favorite tune, do yoga, or take a brisk walk.
  • If you feel exhausted, grab a cup of tea and a good book, light some scented candles, or get a massage.
  • When you’re bored, explore the great outdoors and enjoy the crisp, fall weather, find a hobby you enjoy, or simply turn on the TV for a good comedy show.

The less stress you have, the better you can feel. And it will be easier for you to incorporate mindful eating into you life.

I can help you make satisfying choices without feeling like you have to “diet” forever. Join me on this free online course to take charge over your health.


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