Structural Symmetry and Physical-Yoga-Pilates- Therapy

carOur bodies are like the wheels of a car, we need to be “balanced” and “aligned” periodically to ensure that the tires are wearing out evenly.  When I treat, I consider the pelvis to be the base of everything, if the pelvis is out of alignment, the whole spine from the low back up to the neck is maligned.  Same is true for the hips, knees, and the ankles.  The truth is that the tires can be rotated and/or replaced, however, when we need replacement it has serious implications.

My practice is based on keeping patients away from pain medications and/or surgery.  It is best to readjust the bones, reset the muscles, and then retrain them so that one can avoid future injuries and degeneration.

qi gongI’ve been trained in various methods of treatment in the realm of osteopathic medicine, physical therapy, pilates, yoga, and Qi Gong.  What I’ve learned is that there is no one best way for all patients, rather, understanding the fundamental needs in a systematic way to establish a plan of care and then the patient will get better.  As a health and wellness provider, I feel strongly that one should not be dogmatic in their approach to treatment, rather, be flexible, intuitive, and have the right intention to treat in a manner that is consistent with the needs of each patient that one treats.

It is imperative to look at the  body as a “whole”, not in parts and pieces of the whole.  We are trained to microscopically look at the body and heal in this way and I’ve been in practice long enough to know that it only frustrates the patients that we treat.

Successful results are derived from establishing thorough history, mechanisms of injury, and then observing the functional deficit and then address the foundation before addressing the parts that the patient has symptoms.  In this way we are able to address the core issue and prevent reoccurrence and further injury.

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