Supplements can help to bridge the GAP in your nutrient needs. 

As part of your treatment protocol, we may prescribe supplements and herbals for you to include in your lifestyle. We do not believe supplements and herbals should take the place of a healthy, nutrient rich diet. But we do believe supplements can help to bridge the GAP in your nutrient needs.  

Need help with learning to eat a balanced diet that is right for your body? Click here to learn more about Alkaline Nutrition Therapy.


Because supplements are not regulated by the FDA, supplement manufacturers are not required to list all ingredients on their labels. Therefore, supplements may not contain everything they claim to contain or they might contain more than what’s being listed on the label. Many times, supplements contain fillers and do not contain bioavailable nutrients. Bioavailable nutrients mean the nutrients are in a form that can be readily absorbed by our bodies. If supplements are not in bioavailable form, they are essentially useless and will not have any effect on your body.

It is important to research any company which you are buying supplements from in order to learn about their processing and manufacturing procedures. For example, is your supplement brand using high quality supplements and are their manufacturing procedures up to standards? Are they storing their supplements in temperature regulated areas that will prevent damage to active ingredients?

At Alkaline Wellness, we prescribe only the highest quality and most bioavailable supplements on the market. Also, our supplements are pharmaceutical grade and can only be sold under a licensed medical professional. We are so confident in the quality and effectiveness of our supplements.


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Each of us has different needs due to our stage of life. Also, we all have different genetics, biochemistry, lifestyles, medical history, health status, etc. The right supplements for one person may not be the right supplements for you. To avoid taking unnecessary supplements, and spending unnecessary money on them too, schedule a consult with one of our Alkaline Method Practitioners. They’ll assess your history and give you a supplement prescription based on your current needs.

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