The human body is the universe in miniature.  That which cannot be found in the body is not to be found the universe.  Hence the philosopher’s formula, that the universe within reflects the inverse without.  It follows, therefore, that if our knowledge of our own body could be perfect, we would know the universe. —-Mahatma Gandhi

The more I study the human body, the more I revel in its perfection.  I believe in the greater power of the universe, I believe in God.

I believe that we have individual differences, in oriental medicine, four constitutions; Tae Yang, So Yang, Tae Yin, and So Yang differentiated by the yin and yang dominance and the dominance of the four organs; Lung, liver, spleen, and kidney.

The significance of four

In Greek mythology there are the four elements; Wind, Fire, Earth, Water.

In China, four mystical animals;

Turtle=guardian of the North

Phoenix, the guardian of the South

Tiger, the guardian of the West

Dragon, the guardian of the East

The four limbs on our bodies

The four sense organs on our face; eyes, nose, ears, and mouth

The four abilities of the organs above:  sight, smell, hearing, and taste

We have four blood types

We have four daily cycles; dawn, noon, dusk, midnight

The four seasons; spring, summer, autumn, winter

The four life cycles:  childhood, adolescence, adulthood, old age

What a mystery, how magnificent our bodies are.  The intricacies of our biological make up at the cellular level can be attempted for our understanding but the core foundation of how it came to be will never be fully comprehended.

Something worth pondering over…

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