Welcoming yoga into your life can be a positive and scary experience. Yoga challenges your body with flexibility, balance, and resistance. If you really dive in to the practice, you encounter balance poses, such as hand stands, that puts the pressure of your entire body on your hands. Being upside down only supported by your arms can be scary, but overcoming that fear at a yoga retreat elates you like no other experience out there. On a yoga retreat, you can focus your energy on overcoming fear and diving into the practice. This is hard to do with a busy life and a to do list that prevent you from dedicating large amounts of time for your practice.
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1. Allows for introspection: practicing yoga brings awareness to what is truly important to you. Bringing to light what is important allows you to shift your focus from unimportant petty things to satisfying relationships and exciting adventures. Retreats allow you to take the time for yourself and think, which you often times overlook the importance of in day to day life.
2. Allows for healing of the mind body and spirit: so much information is constantly thrown at us all day every day. Information overload can effect your mood, sleep patters, and productivity. Allowing yourself to relax and recharge your brain heals your mind, body, and spirit from overstimulation.
3. Creates space for personal growth: Taking the time to get to know yourself is just as important as getting to know other people. Retreats allow you to reflect on your personal goals at a fundamental level. Reflection often times gives way to clarity, finding a rejuvenated sense of self. Personal growth is so refreshing because we dedicate so little of our time to ourselves. Remember that personal growth will lead to meaningful and deliberate life decisions, having a positive influence on those around you.
4. Full immersion of alkaline living and transformation: yoga retreats (especially Alkaline Yoga Retreats) provide good, healthy food that supports an alkaline lifestyle. Learning to eat and enjoy alkalizing food not only supports anti-inflammation and nourishes your body, it also motivates you to cook similar meals at home. Practicing yoga multiple times also helps you overcome barriers you would not otherwise be able to overcome in your practice at home. This transformation carries over to your every day lifestyle at home, creating new Alkaline habits for a healthier you.
5. To achieve focus, tranquility, and a positive mental and physical shift: meditation practiced on yoga retreats allows you to clear your head of all problems. With a clear head, it is easier to focus on tasks at hand and creating solutions. A clear mind does not allow negativity in. Shifting your mental state from negative to positive brightens your mood and awareness of the wonderful things around you. Retreats will also bring physical shifts as you grow stronger in your own practice. Overcoming barriers and learning new forms of practice is stimulating to the muscles as well as the brain.
Keep an eye out for Alkaline Yoga Retreats in the future! We would love for you to join us for positive transformations of your own!

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