Tyler Thebaut

Tyler Thebaut (pronounced Tebo) took her first yoga class in 2015, which happened to be an advanced hot yoga practice. After a 103-degree experience, she wasn’t inclined to take another class. But something kept pulling her back to the practice, so she gave it another shot. Over time, she began to develop a passion for the art and practice of yoga.

 Tyler Thebaut is the Vice President and COO of Tebo Dental. She’s been in the dental field for over 11 years. To balance the stress that comes with the challenges of working in a corporate environment, Tyler has integrated several health and wellness initiatives to find new and innovative ways to educate and empower over 100 employees. Tyler’s passion project evolved into a positive cultural shift that engaged the workforce to operate at a level of productivity the company had never seen before. She wanted to take her interests further with her personal wellness and decided to take a more serious leap into yoga.


After a few years of practicing, Tyler’s spiritual journey took her to Bali, Indonesia in October 2018. There, she completed a 200-hour teacher training at Radiantly Alive in Ubud. Tyler returned home having become so much more than a certified RA Vinyasa yoga teacher. This experience created a transformational shift of personal development and spiritual evolution that helped her remember the deeper meaning of life and what really matters.


Tyler is extremely passionate about yoga and is eager to share her ever-evolving knowledge with the intention of authentically empowering others to live their best life. She hopes to cultivate self-awareness, introspection, alignment, acceptance, strength, balance, and self-love as they are among the core values she’s developed through her practice.


When she’s not working at Tebo, practicing yoga, or exercising at the gym, Tyler enjoys spending time with her family, connecting with friends, being in nature, traveling the world, and spending time with her two fur-babies, Timmy and Cali. She also loves educating herself by studying energy work and astrology, listening to podcasts, and reading spiritual books that nourish her soul.


She enjoys a strong sense of community and oneness and looks forward to welcoming you to the Alkaline family!

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