crashWake up call – I was in an accident a week ago. I T-boned a pick up truck but luckily braked in time so that the impact was not too bad. My car however, was totaled, but myself and the other driver were safe with no injuries.  As I was fast approaching the intersection with my right of way (green light), there was a funeral precession and I did not see the police officer directing traffic.  I was in a trance when I collided into the car and I could not help to reflect on how close I was to a serious injury or even death.

Wake Up Call That Changed My Perspective

I had gotten off my continuing education course early on this Sunday afternoon and was heading home looking forward to spending time with my family and serendipitously, this accident was waiting to happen.   It reminded me of how fragile we are and helped me realize how we should live each day to the fullest.  This is a loud wake up call for me. What a change in perspective!

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