Being healthy means different things to different people.  But what I can tell you is that health is no longer just an absence of disease.

The truth is that many of you are not “healthy”. This is so simply because we live in a toxic world today. 

While the technological advancements and scientific break throughs allow us comfort, we also have so many more symptoms and diseases due to the sedentary lifestyle and stress we are prone to today.

Knowing this, what does being healthy feel like?

Physical Health

Being physically healthy should include the ability to transfer from seated on the floor to standing using only your legs.  

Healthy should include going through the day full of vigor and energy.

It should include the ability to walk a mile without any problems.

Being physically healthy should include waking up in the morning refreshed and revived after a full night’s sleep.

Healthy should include having NO aches and pain.

It should include your ability to activate any muscle in your body at will.

Physical health should include having a bowel movement everyday. A nice formed stool without any strain.

Also, healthy should include the ability to have self mastery over any circumstances in your life.

Finally, being physically healthy should include the ability to stand on one foot without shoes for at least 30 seconds.

Emotional Health

Being emotionally healthy should include your ability feel emotions, both good and bad.

It should include your ability to love and receive love.

Emotional health should include self love.

It should include taking full responsibility for the results in your life and health.

Being emotionally healthy should include your ability to own your mistakes.

Finally, it should should include your ability to set clear boundaries with those you love.

Mental Health

Being mentally healthy should include your ability to honor yourself by keeping your promises to yourself.

It should include your ability to grow and evolve.

It should also include your ability to be proactive vs reactive in your life.

Mental health should include planning ahead.

It should include your ability to commit to your goals until you achieve them.

Healthy should include your ability to understand that failure is a requirement for achieving lofty goals.

It should include your understanding that your thoughts are optional, but your thoughts create the results in your life.

Finally, being mentally healthy should include knowing how to think for yourself.

Biological Markers of Health

Truth is that for most of us, getting a physical and necessary labs done with the doctor, and being able to check that off, also means being healthy.

Many of you have hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, high cholesterol, and struggle with some type of pain.

You take multiple medications but report being “healthy”.  The medications make the cholesterol, blood pressure, and thyroid numbers appear within normal range.

Is that really healthy?

Healthy is when your systems thermostat is set and you don’t need medicinal intervention to have the numbers right. 

Just because your cholesterol values are normal with Lipitor does not make you healthy.

In fact, many of my diabetic patients report being super healthy and eat junk like McDonalds because their glucose levels are within normal limits with glucophage and insulin shots.

That’s not healthy.

Beyond the regular Lipid Panel, Metabolic Panel, and CBC, there are many other tests to check in detail to see if you fall under the “healthy” category. 

Because as I said, health is not simply just the absence of disease.  

Lab values may be normal for years but you can have symptoms that puzzle the medical community.  Symptoms should be treated, not nurtured. 

Most of us believe that despite the symptoms, because our labs are normal, we are in good health. Today it has become “normal” to feel suboptimal everyday.

More frequently, I am getting patients who know there’s something wrong but the Doctors keep telling them all is well based on their labs.

Remember, when it comes to health, an ounce of prevention is far better than pounds of disease.

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