dietFor centuries, the world has been looking for the right blueprint for health, whether to lose weight, cure cancer and disease, or to have longevity.  As a health professional and a patient, I used to be so confused about the new fad diets and healthy living secrets because there are so many options, many of which contradict each other.  With the boom of information age and technological advancement, we ALL have access to this information at our fingertips, smart phones, tablets, and the computer.  I feel it is important to keep perspective of the big picture when skimming through this information because while I find that some claims are legitimate, there are others that are far fetched.

I’ve studied every healing diet, weight loss technique, view point, method, etc. and find too much information that contradicts one another. This results in people being paralyzed to do anything, at least this is what I have found in my patient base over the years.  Keeping in mind that if the “way” is not sustainable to suit your life, it will not be adapted and assimilated long term.  I don’t like using the word “diet” because it’s been over-utilized and abused by many that the word itself triggers various emotions in people.  We should use the word “nourishment” instead when thinking of the foods that we consume.

diet 1To be sure, the problem that we face today is one based on “foundational” principles of nutrition that is now tainted by so much toxicity from pesticides, additives, hormones, etc. we are no longer consuming foods that nourish, but substances that alter our very DNA to cause obesity, cancer, and a host of other diseases and symptoms.

We need to adapt a three easy step process to really set us right with our own bodies and be connected and healed again.

  1. We need to be “AWARE” and reflect on our individual health habits of our thoughts, nourishment, and physical activity.
  2. We need to “ASSIMILATE” the behaviors, thoughts, and physical activities that allow the body to heal and be functionally prolific, which is the way our bodies are designed to perform, like a Porche, not an old lemon of a car.
  3. We need to allow our bodies to  ”ACCELERATE” and perform the way our bodies are designed to perform, thinking clearly and prolifically, nourishing our bodies at the cellular level, and incorporating physical activities that allow us to perform without limits and pain.

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