joyI recently had a pelvic floor case which was referred to me by a local ob/gyn.  For those of you who don’t know what this is… it can include all conditions including:

  1. Urinary/Urge incontinence
  2. Organ Prolapse (Cystocele/Rectocele)
  3. Vulvodynia (Pain of the vaginal region)
  4. Dyspurunia (Pain with intercourse)
  5. Hip/Pelvic/Low Back pain

With my focus in treating the “Whole Body”, it is important to note that this particular patient was having low back pain, hip discomfort, and right knee pain.  As I was performing an examination, I found that the left pelvis was rotated forward relative to the right, which I felt was the culprit cause of all the symptoms for this patient.  I then “aligned” the patient manually and performed trigger point dry needling among other manual procedures to address the dysfunctions that were manifesting.

This patient was seen by ob/gyn, orthopedist, physical therapist, and had surgery by the uro-gynecologist with minimal relief.

Within two visits, the patient felt so much better, was able to partially resume all prior activities, was able to stop the physical therapy visits for her knees.

This is what makes our treatment approach unique here at Alkaline Wellness Center.  Rather than focusing on the dysfunctions or the symptoms, we believe in whole body healing.  We examine and find out the culprit issue and then aim to “heal” rather than “treat” the symptoms.  This was one of many clinical cases that we are able to address improve lives.

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