Why Alkaline?

By Connie Jeon | Blog

Mar 24

balanceOur Alkaline Program is about creating balance.  Because we are organic, we constantly fluctuate on the general dichotomy of good-bad, alkaline-acidity, high-low, sad-happy, positive-negative, sick-healthy, etc… This fluctuation is highly dependent on environmental, emotional, or physical input.  Our body is prewired to be at optimal balance.  However, toxic environment, chemically altered food supply, and technological advancements are causing havoc in our bodies.  We are seeing a rise in depression, fatigue, digestive disorders, cancer, and autoimmune disorders.  Typical medical model provides us with plethora of medications that typical do help us get rid of the symptoms, however, are not “healing” our bodies over time.

Our Alkaline Program consist of three parts, Physical Therapy, Nutrition Therapy, and Mind Therapy. We’ve carefully engineered the program around the concept of Alkalinity on the pH scale to ensure that we ultimately create balance in our systems.  Too much exercise, too much of good foods, or our thoughts can produce acidity or alkalinity and shift our bodies out of balance, ultimately causing disorder.

Whether practicing yoga or pilates to eating raw or paleo style, we’ve made sense of all the dogmatic approaches to the ultimate destination… health and balance.

So why alkaline?

The Alkalinity is measured on a pH scale, which measures  acidity to alkalinity.  The concept of pH was introduced by Danish Chemist, Soren Peder Lauritz Sorensen at the Carlsberg Laboratory in 1909 and revised to the modern pH concept in 1924 to better accommodate the concept of electrochemical cells ( a device capable of generating electrical energy from chemical reactions or facilitate chemical energy through introduction of electrical energy).  pH is defined as the decimal logarithm of the reciprocal of the hydrogen ion activity, a>H+, in a solution.

The pH means “power of hydrogen”…  the pH scale ranges from 0-14 and to give you perspective, our blood pH falls slightly alkaline at 7.34-7.45.  pH level below 7 is considered acidic and above 7 is alkaline.   Biochemically, we need organic acids that are highly acidic for our survival and too much alkalinity can be dangerous.

Components of all living organisms fall in the spectrum of the pH balance. For example:

  • Gastric Acid: pH of 1
  • Lysosomes: pH of 4.5
  • Granules of chromatin cells: pH of 5.5
  • Human Skin: pH of 5.5
  • Urine: pH of 6.0
  • Pure H2O at 37 °C: pH of 6.81
  • Cytosol: pH of 7.2
  • Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF): pH of  7.5
  • Blood: pH of 7.34-7.45
  • Mitochondrial Matrix: pH of 7.5
  • Pancreatic secretions: pH of 8.1

At an optimal pH-slightly alkaline state, disease cannot manifest.  You will invariably function at highest, effective, and efficient capacity.  By harnessing the natural physiological order in your body through maintaining the optimal pH in your body, we are able to get you moving, feeling, and looking your very best.  Visit us today at alkalinewell.wpengine.com

About the Author

Dr. Connie shares her expertise on lifestyle factors that can drastically improve your health. She continues to strive to maintain her health despite her Lupus diagnosis and as a result, lives a thriving life helping others do the same.