In our Yoga Teacher Training, we focus on proper alignment, posture, and control through our poses. Because many of us live completely disconnected from our bodies, we don’t understand what proper alignment and posture is.

Proper posture and alignment is not standing up tall or sucking in your stomach.  It’s learning to align your body structures and activating proper muscles to sustain such alignment.  There’s two components to this.  

First there’s the neurological connection to the muscles (neuro-muscular). Then there’s the connection from the muscles to the bones (musculo-skeletal).

Activation Enhances Alignment

First and foremost, we need to prime our bodies to know how to activate such muscles, and this takes time.

The ultimate goal is to “connect” your nerves to your muscles and then your muscles to your bones. This will allow your body to be “conditioning” and “working” all the times you are awake.

Imagine your muscles being “activated” at all times to support the health of your spine when working at your desk, watching tv, or cooking.  Or walking to and from your desk and feeling your muscles support your every movement.

Workouts or exercise sessions don’t have to be isolated to the gym or a yoga studio visit. Your motor control should overflow into all aspects of your life.  

So today I want to show you a sequence to get you thinking about how your body is designed to move. Knowing this, you can be “connecting” to it regularly to enhance not only your yoga practice, but your posture and alignment all the time.

Click HERE to follow along with me. The movement section begins at 1:47.

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