imbalanceFrom birth, our body has an internal thermostat that maintains the balance in each of our system, the endocrine, digestive, immune, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, nervous, vascular, and the respiratory systems.

All cells, their receptors, enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters need to be orchestrated specifically to allow your body to do what it does.  Modern medicine has mastered many parts of the our “human” system and its capabilities, however, there are so many facets to our body that we are still learning new things about today. In my opinion, modern medicine has broken down the human body into specific parts, and mastered only this part relative to medical intervention.  For example, I had a patient who had unrelenting problems with digestive discomfort, taking Ducolax daily for constipation relief.  She came to me, a physical therapist,  to treat this digestive disorder as I was known to treat the fundamentals of the whole body systems following eastern and western philosophy.  She reported that she’s been to a gastroenterologist, psychiatrist, internist, ob/gyn, and an endocrinologist and no one had any answers other than taking anti-depressant, ADHD medications (which the patient was resistant to stop taking due to its appetite suppressive effects), and Ducolax for constipation relief.  Prior to treatment, I needed to understand the social dynamics both in the family life including spouse and children and social.  I came to conclude that the patient had a lot of stress that was causing an imbalance in more than one system and the medications were further taking the patient away from the goal of feeling well again.  No medical doctor she had visited put all components together, rather, she reported that they were only focused in their specialty.  I believe this this the very paradigm that need to be shifted once and for all.

rocks balanceLet me assure you that your body is hard at work trying to keep the health for you.  However, we keep loading our bodies with poor dietary patterns, behaviors, and environmental toxins that tax our bodies which ultimately lead to dysfunction.  As a physical therapist, I learned that the musculoskeletal pain is very rarely just a muscle or bone issue.  There is biochemical orchestra that is involved in pain signaling and it involves other body systems.  For me to focus on just the musculoskeletal system would not do justice for the body.  Yet, when I pry further into other realms, its considered out of scope of my practice.

Metaphysical Science has proved over and over again that our thoughts carry energy and its vibrational frequencies can alter the physiology of our bodies as well as impact the universal order.  It was a far fetched concept for me in the beginning, however, as I read and researched more and more, I found that there are strong correlations and solid evidence that confirm this.  Eastern medicine has embraced this principle, however, in modern, western medicine, we tend to regard only the concepts that we can clearly measure and research and tend to disregard the unseen.

This brings me back to the spiritual beliefs.  I’ve been a Christian for thirty decades and in my church going years, I failed to grasp this very concept, but really if we have religious beliefs, this is what the spiritual leaders teach.  There is a divine force within us all as we are created in the image of the divine.  The conclusion?   You are the ultimate healer, when you recognize this, you can begin to heal.

In my years as a physical therapist and a registered dietitian treating real patients for the last 15 years, I learned that if the patient is not ready to take responsibility and rely only on the providers to make recommendations and impart therapies, its simply not going to give long term results.  We may make temporary changes, however, over and over I’ve observed that these patients end up seeking help in all aspects of their lives and only remain frustrated.

Take charge of your health today!

stressFollow the five R Matrix implementation and allow your body to work its magic, TODAY!  I promise, you’ll be pleasantly empowered by your own power to heal.

  1.  Recognize:  Recognize all your symptoms and just be aware of what they are.  Recognize that all the physical symptoms are temporary, it only is a signal from your body that there is an imbalance.  Our body’s internal thermostat having a difficult time for example with a set temperature.  We clearly have to understand that the thermostat is dysfunctional.  But recognize that you have the power to reset this thermostat so that all is working in harmony again.  Take out a notebook and take note of all the behaviors and habits that may be causing this.  Also make a list of all the stressors in your life, is it your marriage, job, kids, career, what are you frustrated about?
  2. Remove:   Work on removing all the negative behaviors, habits, and stressors in your life.  Work down the list that you created in the step one.  If it’s a behavior such as eating when stressed, think about removing the stressor by flip switching from this thought to the opposite thought.  It is important to note that our stressors usually can be neutralized in an instant if we learn to control our mind, especially our subconscious mind.  If you get stuck, I can help you work through this in the Alkaline Mind Program.  If it’s a bad diet, I usually advise to my clients to clear out the pantry and refrigerator and get them out of your sight.  Then, follow my grocery staple list in theAlkaline Dieting Program where I show you how to organize and learn to cook healthy meals.
  3. Replenish/Reprogram:  Now that you’ve cleared out the clutter thoughts and things from your life, it’s time to replace them with the new thoughts and things to support you.  Start to replace the pantry with the Shopping List, and view the guide from my Alkaline Mind and Alkaline Dieting, and finally the Alkaline Abs  to learn step by step how to transform and make changes in each of the areas.  It’s important to really learn and follow through the program specifically the way that I’ve laid out to ensure success.
  4. Repeat/Reconnect:  You will have days where you just feel like you are not making progress.  This is really not the case, but your mind, in its effort to keep you where you were, will start to doubt your progress.  Remember, change takes effort and just flip switch and visualize your desired outcome.  If it’s to lose weight, visualize yourself wearing the outfit you want to fit into and looking the way you want.  If it’s to resolve conflict with another family member or friend, visualize what a perfect relationship with this particular person would look like.  Without being aware, we have a tendency to focus on the things that we don’t want, and because there is energetic life in our thoughts, our divine self starts working to get the very thing that we talk about.  This is not some voo doo hype but it’s really true.  Look around you, you manifest what you think about the most.
  5. Restore/Restart:  This is your new life, however, life will throw all kinds of curve balls for us to handle, it’s what makes life so interesting and fun.  Work on restoring all aspects that you learned here and restart the process as you come across situations, habits, or behaviors that you develop that does not serve you.  No problem, you are the creator of your own life.  Live your life and enjoy, today is the point of power, you are not your past.

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